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Join our global colorectal cancer community of healthcare professionals, industry experts, and patient advocates explore cutting-edge topics related to colorectal cancer.












Research and Scientific Advancements in Treatments and Clinical Trials

The GCCA is proud of our affiliation with many global researchers and industry partners. They work tirelessly to advance treatment protocols and develop new clinical trials for colorectal cancer patients worldwide.  Working together with our advocacy and patient communities, we create new awareness and educational resources, providing patient-centered materials for those who may be considering a clinical trial.

Transplant Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Colorectal Cancers

Presenters: Federico Aucejo, MD, Smitha Krishnamurthi, MD, K.V. Narayanan Menon, MD, Carole Motycka, Andrew Spiegel

Length: 38:13

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Clinical Trials: An Overview

Presenters: Muriel Siadak, PA-C., Martha Raymond

Length:  30:13

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My Clinical Trial Saved My Life

Presenters: Elle Charnisky, Martha Raymond

Length: 25:29

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Problems of Research and Management of CRC in FMC OWO Nigeria

Presenter: Aba Katung, MD

Length: 50:04

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A Stakeholder Charter for Patient and Patient Group Engagement in Cancer Clinical Trials 

Presenter: Stephanie Michaud, PhD

Length: 3:43 

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Progress in GI Oncology Through The A.R.C.A.D. Foundation and its Clinical Trial Programs.

Presenter: Dr. Lama Sharara

Length: 17:09

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Advocacy & Clinical Trials

Presenter: Joy Freedman, Martha Raymond

Length: 34:34

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Topic Introduction by Jessica Buscho

Stage IV CRC Patient, Advocate, Clinical Trial Participant


Topic Introduction by Trevor Maxwell

Stage IV CRC Survivor, Advocate, and Patient

COVID-19 and Cancer

The global impact of COVID-19 and colorectal cancer is still being felt worldwide.  We may not know the total effect the pandemic has had on the CRC patient community for some time, but we know first-hand from patients that in many cases their treatment protocol was disrupted, surgeries were delayed, clinical trials were paused, or in some cases closed, and the emotional impact of isolation and anxiety on patients and caregivers continues to be amplified.

COVID-19: Impact on Cancer Patient Organizations Worldwide in 2020

Presenters: Clara MacKay, Frances Reid

Length: 21:19

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Prevention and Screening

Worldwide more than 1.2 million people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year. In many countries worldwide, there are no CRC screening programs, coverage for testing, or awareness programs to educate the public about the disease and how it can be prevented.  We know that screening saves lives. At the GCCA, we are working with our global colorectal cancer community to help effect change, raise awareness and promote screening to help reduce the burden of colorectal cancer worldwide.

Engaging Patient Support Groups in Global Cancer Control  

Presenter:  Muriel Auclaire

Length: 30:13

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Roadmap for the Prevention and Treatment of Colorectal Cancer in Europe

Presenter: Zorana Maravic, MBA. BSc.

Length: 19:54

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A Conversation with Guardant Health on the Future of CRC Screening Technology

Presenters: Jenn Higgins, Kathryn Lang, MD, Bill Getty.

Length: 32:00

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My Experience as a Patient Navigator in Nigeria

Presenter: Eniola Omoro Akintunde

Length: 9:33

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SAID NGO:  Raising Awareness for Colon Cancer Prevention, Screening, Awareness and Education Across Lebanon  

Presenter:  Hana Nimer

Length:  8:35

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EuropaColon Polska:  Prevention and Screening Initiatives in Poland 

Presenter:  Iga Rawicka

Length:  17:17

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Screening Awareness and Patient Navigation

Presenter: Trudy Loper, MPH

Length: 20:42 

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Topic Introduction by Bruce DeArk

Stage IV CRC Survivor

Biomarker Testing and Precision Medicine

Understanding what biomarkers are and the importance of biomarker testing help inform treatment decisions leading to personalized medicine and treatment.  The GCCA works closely with researchers and industry partners to empower the colorectal cancer community to make informed treatment decisions.

Biomarker Identification in Patients with Advanced Colon Cancer: Are We Succeeding?

Presenter: Leslie Bucheit, MS, CGC

Length: 26:25

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#KnowYourBiomarker: Meet Our Spokespeople

Presenters: Tom Vibert, Carole Motycka, Martha Raymond

Length: 28:37

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Advances in Biomarker Testing for Patients with Metastatic Cancers

Presenter: Marni Brisson Tierno, PhD, RN

Length: 21:01

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An Environmental Scan of Molecular Profiling Across Canada

Presenter: Maria El Bizri, MPH

Length: 12:19 

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#KnowYourBiomarker: Meet LuAnn

Presenters: LuAnn Valentino, Martha Raymond

Length: 12:24

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Topic Introduction by Tom Vibert

CRC Survivor, #KnowYourBiomarker Spokesperson


Biologics and Biosimilars

The GCCA is proud to be a leader in the global cancer community on biologic medicines and biosimilars. We empower our global community by providing education and resources to understand better the often complex and confusing world of biologics and biosimilars.

The Empowered Patient Advocate: What You Need to Know About Biologics Including Biosimilars

Presenters: Madelaine Feldman, MD, Leah Christl, PhD., Andrew Spiegel, Esq.

Length: 37:40 

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Topic Introduction by Andrew Spiegel, Esq. Caregiver