Presentations | Part Two

Our global colorectal cancer community of healthcare professionals, industry experts, and patient advocates explore cutting-edge topics related to colorectal cancer.















Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Education & Awareness

Young-onset colorectal cancer is on the rise across our global community. Working with our global partners, researchers, advocacy organizations, patients, and caregivers, the GCCA works tirelessly to better understand the rise in young-onset CRC while also providing screening, prevention, support, and educational resources.

Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer: Understanding the Rise

Presenter: Kimmie Ng, MD, MPH

Length: 21:58

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Never Too Young: Patient and Caregiver Experiences Survey Results

Presenter: Elle Doherty

Length: 18:41

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Vitamin D and Early-Onset Colon Cancer

Presenter: Hanseul Kim

Length: 10:25

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Give a $#*! About your Bowel

Presenters: Stephanie Bansemer-Brown

Length: 9:29

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2019 Never Too Young Survey: Variations in the Patient, Survivor and Caregiver Experience.

Presenters: Kim Newcomer, Vanessa Ghigliotty

Length: 44:49

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Topic Introduction by Vanessa Ghigliotty

CPN, Stage IV CRC Survivor


Topic Introduction by Richard Jue

Six-Year CRC Survivor

Navigating Survivorship


Colorectal cancer survivorship is very individualized.  Many survivors decide to 'pay it forward' and work to help other cancer patients through patient advocacy, volunteering, or patient mentorship.  Other survivors may want to move past their cancer experience, begin a new career, and concentrate on family or travel.  The GCCA and our member partners work hard to provide the tools needed for colorectal cancer patients as they transition to their new normal as colorectal cancer survivors.

Off Our Chests: A Fireside Chat with authors Liza and John Marshall, MD.

Moderator: Michael Sapienza

Length: 29:05

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Unmet Needs in the Chinese-American Community

Presenter: Gloria Zhang

Length:  19:40

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Thriving As A Patient Advocate: Balancing Unseen Burdens

Presenter Laura D. Porter, MD

Length: 15:49

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Resilience and Cancer: How to Deal with the Disease Through Positive Emotions

Presenter: Carlos Hue, PhD

Length: 32:42

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Patient Empowerment

Presenters: Craig Lustig, MPA, Tamika Felder 

Length: 31:27

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Advocacy & Survivorship

Presenter: Abigail Tooker, RN., Martha Raymond

Length: 27:06

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Unmet Needs of Carers and Caregivers

The needs of caregivers are often overlooked. Many caregivers are so focused on caring for their loved ones that they often do not have time for themselves or prioritize their own personal needs.  Caregivers are vitally important to the patients they care for, and we owe it to our carers to help provide practical solutions to support their needs.

Informal Carers - Who are they and how do we support them?

Presenter: Jenni Tamminen-Sirkia, PhD

Length: 10:00

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Global Carer Well-Being Index: Who Cares for Carers? Perspectives on COVID-19 Pressures and Lack of Support

Presenter: Elizabeth Foland

Length: 35:36

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Topic Introduction by Jonathan Ortiz, Caregiver

Topic Introduction by Paula Chamers-Rainy

Stage I CRC Survivor, Patient Advocate

Best Practices in Grassroots Advocacy

The GCCA is dedicated to building a strong global community to promote awareness, research, and patient support for the colorectal cancer community.  With more than 50 members representing 33 countries worldwide, our patient advocacy members ensure access to screenings and treatments and provide critical support to patients and caregivers.  Sharing our best practices in advocacy and educational resources with our global community provides much-needed tools for our advocacy partners.

The Power of Advocacy: Translating your Experience into Action

Presenters: Sherell McDearmon, MPA and Adam Taliaferro, Esq. 

Length:  44:06

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#Blue4Colon Challenge: Raising Awareness in Nigeria

Presenter: Eniola Omoro Akintunde

Length: 4:12

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Patient Advocacy Toolkit

Presenter: Nicole Sheahan

Length: 12:37

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Healing Arts

Healing Arts are creative practices that help promote mind-body wellness, stress reduction, creativity, communication, concentration, and overall quality of life and healing.  The Healing Arts play an important role in patient-centered care and, for many patients, positively impact their overall cancer journey.  The Global Colon Cancer Association is pleased to provide the following presentations from experts in the healing arts.

Finding Peace Through Forest Bathing

Presenter: Sarah Burns

Length:  9:27

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What You Need to Know About Nutrition and Colorectal Cancer

Presenter: Rachel J. Wong, RD, CSO, LD

Length: 2:48

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Recipe Demonstration: Pumpkin Ricotta Souffle Pancakes

Presenter: Rachel J. Wong, RD, CSO, LD. 

Length: 2:55

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Presenter: Grace De La Rosa

Length: 16:06

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Chair Yoga

Presenter: Jean Di Carlo-Wagner, M.A.

Length: 14:49

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Healing Art: Painting a Tree of Life (with supply list and template).

Presenter: Sarah Burns

Length:  15:24 

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Topic Introduction by Jean Di CarloWagner, MA

Yoga Therapist, Survivor


Closing Message

Thank you from the Global Colon Cancer Association 

Andrew Spiegel, Esq., Executive Director,

Nicole Sheahan, President